Authenticate This APPAREL

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  1. I'd be a bit worried about the apparent bad craftsmanship, although it is possible that it has just not been 100% well taken care of.

    The label to me looks odd, I have three Chloe dresses and I'm a bit obsessed and that one just doesn't look quite right to me although it might just be to do with when it was made and changes in marketing. This guide has a tag picture which is the same as the ones on my dresses, it also has information about serial numbers so I would suggest asking the seller for a close up of the tag.

    All in all, I'd avoid it but to be honest, if you love the dress and couldn't afford or get hold of a real one then you should maybe just get it and enjoy it.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply TheDesignerGirl! I was a bit concerned about the dress and wanted opinion of someone who knows the stuff. I will probably pass on that one, i also felt weird about label, im kinda obsessed with Chloe (my mother has two dresses and i myself am trying to score, i love most of the clothes). I didn't care much about price, i just really liked the dress, but for sure i dont want fake one :smile:
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    I'll deal with these both at once seeing as they're pretty similar and from the same person. These dresses are always difficult seeing as they never sit correctly on a mannequin as they would on a real person.

    The main thing that sparks issues with me is that the seller has hundreds of expensive dresses, mostly BNWT, so I would be inclined to ask where the seller gets the dresses from. If they have nothing to hide they'll tell you outright.

    Herve Leger dresses are some of the most commonly faked. A great bonus is the fact that these are both described as 'authentic' so if you went to a store which specialises in Herve Leger or got it privately authenticated and it turned out to be fake, you would qualify for a full refund (minus return shipping costs) if you filed a dispute with Ebay. I think this is unlikely however, as the seller does have 100% feedback, and it's likely that people have got other items authenticated.

    Honestly, if I were you I would just go for it, this is definitely one of the best looking sellers feedback-wise that I've seen, not one person claims that their goods are fake.

    EDIT: I've sent a message to the seller making some general enquiries about how they source the dresses and the procedure if I was not 100% satisfied they were real and will post again when they reply :smile:
  4. Thank you for your feedback!!!!!!!
  5. No problem at all, here's the reply I got:

    Thanks so much for emailing. All items from our store are guaranteed authentic, and were either purchased direct from designer or from large U.S. department stores that are distributors of that designer.

    We do privately authenticate all items that are known to be counterfeited, including Herve Leger. That includes the posted dress. If you would like to authenticate the dress, this can be done easily at a site such as the Purse Forum (, or by sending a message to ( They will direct you how to authenticate the dress.

    We do stand behind all items we sell and can always back up authenticity with a copy of the purchase receipt should there be any question, all personal information blacked out. Due to the amount of counterfeits, we do not take back any type of returns for Herve Leger.

  6. Runway city is a reputable seller. The dress is authentic. :smile:
  7. Hi ladies
    Wondering if you could give me your advice on these Herve Leger dresses, what do you think?
    Thanks :smile:

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  8. this is possibly my first HL bandage dress purchase! i need help!!!! is this authentic? buyer has excellent feedback, 100% authenticty stated in her description, and she has a history of selling lots of high ticket items. although...i have no idea how to spot a fake! help!!