Authenticate This APPAREL

  1. Please post any authenticity questions regarding apparel or any related items.
  2. great thread, thanks swanky! :flowers:

    could somebody help me with these alexander mcqueen und wylde scarves?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    thanks a lot!
  3. sorry RoseMary, I know nothing!
    anyone help with these AGs?
    pair #1
    ag_IMG_1132.JPG ag_IMG_1133.JPG ag_IMG_1135.JPG ag_IMG_1134.JPG
  4. pair #2
    IMG_1143_ag.JPG IMG_1144_ag.JPG IMG_1145_ag.JPG IMG_1146_ag.JPG IMG_1147_ag.JPG
  5. Hey Kim!

    Do you know what year those are from? Or can you find out? I know the back pockets of the jeans changed and those look like the old designs

    I compared the tags to a pair that I have with me at the apt right now and it's different from mine's but that could be because those are older. Also on my AG tag, the "in" in "made in USA" doesnt have the little dot on top.

    For the second one, the AG on the back of the jeans look crooked. also it looks like the thread trails off to the top left hand corner but I'm not sure if thats the angle the seller took the pic from. the stitching is not suppose to trail off anywhere.

  6. obviously too good to be true.
  7. I know but some one have a nose anyways that are in to Juicy .. I wouldnt know now. :smile:
  8. Agree with twinkle, too good to be true! Usually when websites offer those kind of prices, they sell fakes of everything.
  9. thanks Impsola and twinkle.
  10. Yes, that website only sells replica items.
  11. No way Staci! Everything they are selling is pure, 100% FAKE.