Authenticate This ALEXANDER WANG

  1. yes, I'm starting to settle with the thought that it's authentic now, so today I took it out for the first time:yahoo:
    If it is fake it must be the best fake ever made lol :p

    So sorry to hear about everyone who has been fooled by dishonest eBay sellers:S I guess I was really lucky to get an authentic one for this price.

    Here in Norway they retail for around 1700$, luckily I was to far down on the waiting list to get one:p
  2. Congrats! You got an awesome deal on a great bag. :smile: I know there's reputable sellers out there that sell the real deal...just gotta weed out the bad ones.
  3. There are 2 style of Betty The 1st was with studs a second without. I don't think much of the one without studs. Love the studs!
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    I have no doubts the first one is a fake. The white interior tag is not right.
    The second, that seller seems to have a lot of Coco's for under retail and her feedback is private- another red flag for me. Last one the shape and the leather look off to me.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of AW Coco sellers on eBay are based out of MN? Hm.... I've seen about 4 ebayers from Minnesota selling coco bags and they all seem sketchy.
  6. I can't believe this. I spotted a fake silver/black Rocco(coco) on eBay and ioffer already!
  7. After extensive reseach on Alexander Wang Bags.I have found that so many different factors alter the bags that true authentication is quite difficult.I Know now what exactly to look for to spot the sellers fooling and taking out hardworking money.

    Authorized Dealers are categorized from elite to high end retail.
    Depending on which category the shop is,different Factories used.After Comparing differences in tags fonts weight and even the size I found many differences.
    To make matters more confusing the original line was launched and produced right here in the States.All bags are made in china now but that was not always true.
    I have worked very hard and pulled many strings to set the record straight for all ladies.
    I have tons of pics as well as a large list of fakes circulating Ebay and other marketplaces.
    Before going any further I am waiting for confirmation from my attorney to insure there are no legal consequences to publicly posting my finds.
    Any expert advise on how to proceed is welcomed, but one way or another I pledge to you all to share the shocking truth and variables that comes from purchasing these beauties.:okay:

  8. I don't understand why you would need an attorney to post your opinion.

    Here is The Purse Forum's disclaimer:

    All Authenticate This threads are here to provide assistance to shoppers who are uncertain about the legitimacy and authenticity of designer goods. The evaluations posted by our members are nothing but opinions that stem from personal experiences as shoppers and collectors. They are not legally binding or professional authentications and are not to be treated as such.

  9. I think there are 2 ebays sellers and one ioffer seller that are all the same person.

    BoxerMomof2: I just PMed you
  10. fineart- yo should be allowed to post your findings. We are all here to discuss authenticity of popular handbags which, I believe, is what you intend to do. Yes?
  11. ^^ I think I answered my own question. I messaged the seller to ask if she had two of the Coco's as a test of sorts. I told her that "I wanted one for myself and one for a friend". I think that any seller on ebay that has multiple Cocos is most likely selling fakes (IMHO). So I figured that if she replied saying "no, sorry this is the only one..etc..etc.." I would be more likely to believe it is auth. She replied saying she did have two Cocos (what a surprise) and that she also has other styles as well. :rolleyes:
  12. Hi Littlerock: I am going to PM you.
  13. Please stay away from this seller. I asked for additional photos and they accused me of being a scammer and that they would "report me" for having multiple ebay addresses. Apparently other people have asked for additional photos as well and, well, they think I am the same person trying to harass them. It's all quite weird. 10 FT POLE people..