Authenticate This ALEXANDER WANG

  1. The bag looks authentic to me, but then again it is so difficult to authentic this bag by pictures. I only buy from power sellers or seller who has sold maaany items and doesn't have more than one negative feedback. This seller has only sold 17 items, so i don't know if you should trust or not:S

  2. Really difficult to say.
    The white rope on the tag and the font on the made in china tag are off to me. The made in china tag is sticking out too much too. In the authentic bags, the tags are sewn in so close they are hard to find.
  3. I think it's fake. I agree with boxermomof2.
  4. Many Many Thanx to all! I also thought this way =)
  5. I am starting to be worried about my bag to now, when I see how many fake bags it is out there. It was a low buy it now price compared to other bags on eBay, 825$

    But I just can't see any signs of it being not authentic:S The lather is nice, the bag is really heavy, it's really well done on the lingings and everything. I got a copy of the receipt and it had the name of the seller and everything, I just don't know how easy it is to fake a receipt:S The dust bag is for sure authentic though, exactly the same as my other AW dust bag.

    would be thankful if anyone else could take a look?

    here is the link again:
  6. Is the "made in china" tag in the photo the same one as you received? I'm regarding to the slanted font. If so, then the bag is more than likely real. I have 4 authentic AW bags and they all have the same exact "made in" tag. Also,the big, thick white cardboard Alexander Wang tag that comes with the bag (not the one that claims authenticity or how to care for it) should have a style and color # and size on the back of it. Fakes ones don't have that (well at least not yet).
  7. Another note is to be weary of sellers that sell a lot of AW bags for well under retail. I noticed a lot of sellers sell these under "private" listings so that others can't see previous listings or the buyers that purchased them. If you look carefully at some of the different sellers, they're using the same receipt on their listings. Maybe it's the same seller under 2-3 different names...don't know.
  8. FashionFauxPas,

    I agree with brag braggart. The font on the tag in your auction is the same tag I have in the 2 AW bags I own.
  9. I caught that too.:mad:
  10. thank you so much for your help!

    The receipt I got is from a ship called "alchemist" in Miami, anyone know this shop?

    Also checked the made in china tag in my Brenda to the one on the Coco bag and its identical.

    did not get the white thick cardboard tag though, maybe it was thrown away because she had used the bag since she got it in july. I will send her a mail and ask for it.

  11. I have this bag and it doesn't have the made in china label.
  12. yes it does, it's just really small and sewn in to the lining so its difficult to find it or to even notice at all.
  13. @fashionfauxpas
    I totally was about to buy that bag you bought on eBay but when I got back someone (you) had already bought it LOL I truly think yours is real though. I have bought 2 bags on ebay that are fake now. the second one I got I sent back and have only received less than half of my money back. The seller has been a COMPLETE AND TOTAL NIGHTMARE. They are re-selling the bag on ebay RIGHT NOW claiming once again authenticity guaranteed (just like mine was -NOT-) BEWARE of: lainbargainfashions

    they sell FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE AW bags

    ALSO- does anyone know anything about ebay seller ID: MYJUICYSECRET

    They have been selling a TON of "guaranteed authentic" alexander wang bags on ebay over the past few months and I always wondered... what IS your JUICY secret LOL

    I sent them a message WAY back asking why their starting price was so low and that it made me wary that it was 100% authentic and they said b/c it ends high and she guaranteed authenticity... but I do know that that doesn't mean ANYTHING lol ...

    I also have a thread: EBAY ALEXANDER WANG COCO DUFFEL
    for all ebay type ish but authenticate this stuff stays here...
  14. AKE: So sorry to hear the seller's a nightmare. I can't believe they're so bold as to resell a fake. They probably know they have you over a barrel....not fully refunding until after so many days so that you can't leave them negative feedback (at least that's my guess).

    As for the other seller with the name Juicy in it, I firmly believe it's all fake. Not just AW bags, but the other brands as well. In a couple of past listings, there were some obvious signs and of course the photos are NEVER clear enough. I've asked for detailed photos several times and have never gotten a response. Figures. I say "buyer beware!".