Authenticate This Alexander McQueen

  1. Impossible to tell because the seller hasn't provided a close up of the tag.

    However, given the price it's fake as these scarves are now $260, I believe. And the fact that the seller has 7 to sell.
  2. Fake
  3. wtf?? people fake scarves??
  4. I saw what looked like a knockoff of the McQueen scarf in the mall the other day.
  5. Yup, anything that'll make money will be faked
  6. ITA with mooks, I compared it with the ones I own and they don´t look like that...(the skulls differ in certain aspects;))

  7. another FAKE....almost all of the ones listed on the bay are FAKE.
  8. I saw a McQueen inspired skull scarf at Target a few days ago.
  9. Also it's kind of sketchy that the auction doesn't guarantee authenticity or say "authentic" anywhere on the page.
  10. I found this scarf on eBay. Could you please help me determine if it's a fake or not?

    I didn't know that Alexander McQueen makes wool scarves as well as silk ones...Is that true?

    Does anybody know or own an authentic scarf of the same style as the one displayed on the url?

    The label looks authentic, but doesn't the tag look fake?
    Can anybody post a real Alexander McQueen tag?

    By the way, the particular seller has tons of scarves on eBay, all of them having the same grey paper tag...

    Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Authentic and authentic seller

    I have the exact same scarf which I bought from Selfridges two winters ago and it was around £100
  12. Shameless bump.....


  13. All I can tell is that the plate inside looks good. Have you requested her tPF ID?