Authenticate this AC Mini City?

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  1. i know the flash is probably making this look more milk chocolate than tobacco, but... i'd love any input! thanks =)

  2. Hmm, everything looks legit except Anna Corinna is not stamped in the right place. It is by the interior zip pocket, not up by the top like that.

    I think it's a fake.
  3. I agree it's a fake - here is what a real inner label looks like:

    I'm shocked though because I didn't realize these were faked! Ack!
  4. OMG. They have copies of these too?! Yikes.
  5. My inner label looks just like Sailor's except the leather is butterscotch and the lettering is in gold. Your gold lettering looks like mine just not where it is stamped and that it's not stamped on a leather strip sewed onto the lining. The color of the tobacco leather looks a lot like my a.c. tobacco drawstring so I don't know what to conclude about your bag. I HATE FAKES!!!
  6. I can't believe there are fakes ACs. Here is a pic of mine if it helps.

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  7. eek. the seller is actually an established tPFer, so i'm putting faith on that! the thing is, i've seen the label both embossed on the bag like this AND on a separate piece of leather like the ones pictured here.
  8. I have two different mini totes and one has the gold lettering like in the picture and the other has a tag with the name embossed in black. I'm sure it's probably not a fake.
    I have seen some fakes or "inspired" city totes, but they definitely looked like they had a substandard level of leather. It wasn't smooth and yummy looking.
  9. Why don't you try calling Anna Corinna and ask? Search the threads. I know there was another thread of someone who called before. Or if you have seen a bag like yours in a department store, then I wouldn't worry about that particular detail.