~*~Authenticate these Louboutins!~*~

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  1. Please post any authenticity questions about Christian Louboutin items here, this includes about dealers, sellers or stores.
  2. Authenticity-wise they are fine. Color-wise they look to be the same gunmetal/gray/pewter color to me. I would ask the first seller to verify what exactly is the color labeled on the CL box (I doubt it says black). As far as I recall the black wash (with metallic accents) Hung-Up's were limited to the metallic python series.
  3. Leefy - I can't help you with authenticity, but the color looks like ANTHRACITE/Pewter to me.

  4. Manolo, I have been searching for that shoe for 2+ years now. It is authentic because I recall that was one of the original versions that I saw that had pony hair on the heel. The recent leopard pony hair pigalles have either a brown leather covered heel or a brown wooden heel, and they are mainly 100mm or lower. These look good, I wish they were my size. If they are your size, I say grab them because that shoe is very rare in the 120mm heel.
    Good luck!
  5. Thanks, Kamilla. I know, I LOVE the extra-high heel...mine are only 100s, lol. These aren't my size but I wanted to know in case I run across a pair of 38s. Seems crazy to have the same pair but to me they are completely different looks. I just don't know if I'm crazy about the covered heels.
  6. OH NO! I am a size 38 also, there is going to be a war if one ever pops up!:nuts:
  7. The leopard pony hair pigalle in the 100mm heel is on sale now at Bergdorfs. I was thinking about picking up a pair, but just like you said - I love the extra high heel on the 120mm.
  8. Wow, those are the original, leopard 120 mm pigalle's, wowee :graucho: gorgeous !.... I just picked up the 4" pigalle's at BG a few weeks ago, and LOVE them :heart::heart:... Kamilla, I ended up going down a size in these, but they are great w/ jeans .... seeing since Im not a no platform 4 incher type, these are special, I highly recommend them :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.