Authenticate these Furla bags?

  1. #1 dust bag is right but I need closer picts of the interior, Furla tags and hardware
    #2 more pics needed
    #3 looks good!
  2. Um. I've never seen a knockoff of a Furla bag.

    I believe those to be all authentic.
  3. yes, I don't think there are fake Furla around, but in the first 2 auction you can't even tell the bag is a Furla! it can be a similar bag
  4. True. But that is a furla bag. But yea, I guess I'd like to see the inner tag that says Furla on it. ;)
  5. Hi Luna & Maryg1,

    Could you pls. help me authenticate this Furla Bag in the attached file?
    Thank you :smile:
    507d_1.jpg 5422_1.jpg 5fe5_1.jpg 591c_1.jpg 5e62_1.jpg
  6. Hi, Shopaholigirl. I wouldn't say I'm an "expert," but I have several Furlas and are quite familiar with the interior, nameplate, overall quality, etc...and for what it's worth, that silver croc purse looks authentic to me. :okay:
  7. Ditto. Plate looks correct. Lining is correct. I seriously have never seen a furla knockoff. Maybe a furla inspired bag.. never a knockoff.
  8. I've never seen this style before, neither of my Furla's I have here with me right now have 'Genuine Leather' on them but they're not the metal label kind. I see some others on eBay have it on the metal label though.
    But otherwise it 'looks' genuine. I've also never seen a knockoff Furla but now that they are becoming more popular who knows? There are so many Furla stores in Asia, it wouldn't surprise me if the Asian market started faking them out.
    Where did you get the picture from?
  9. Hi Guys,
    Thanks so much for your comments!! I've got it from Ebay. Seller confirms me that she got it from FILENE'S BASEMENT in downtown Boston and it's 100% authentic FURLA from 2007 collections.

    But, I've searched through FURLA's 2007 collections, there's no this style in it.
  10. I've never seen this style, but the bag looks authentic to me
  11. Is there a label in the internal pocket? can you take a picture of it? I'm confident your bag is authentic but that would be a proof
  12. Hi Maryg1,
    Thanks so much. I will try to ask from the seller and see if she can take it for me :smile:
  13. Just checked my Furla farrah. It does have "Genuine leather made in italy" stamped into the plate. there is a tan on the inside of the zipper pocket which a barcode and a bunch of other stuff on it.

    Even though you can't find your stype online, i'm sure it's authentic
  14. I wouldn't doubt its authenticity simply because you don't see it in the 2007 collection. If it's on eBay, it's likely NOT in the current collection -- it's likely older. And Furlas are so classic, they stand the test of could find a mint Furla on eBay that could be 3-5 years old or more, and it would still look like it could just as easily have come from the current collection. One of the Furlas I bought new from eBay was a couple of years old (a black snakeskin medium Farrah), and people go nuts when I wear it today, especially with exotic skins/textures being so hot right now. I think your new little Furla will be with you for a long time, and so long as you take care of her, she will always be in fashion! :yes:
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