Authenticate these CHANEL Bags from Fashionphile...doesn't add up to me

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Mar 23, 2008
Look forward to getting your input!

I have been doing my researching on identifying authentic vintage CHANEL. And it seems even the places that say they are verified to sell authentic items and have "authenticators" and experts (e.g. portero, fashionphile) potentially have bags I would not think are authentic. I know nothing is 100% other than buying from CHANEL, but when it comes to vintage, that is the only option.

So would love some feedback from other with more experience. See links below:

**Item 1:

1) It appears that there is glue in the inside bottom of the bag. Based on the quality of Chanel bags, I really would not expect there to be this kind of wear, especially from glue. Although it could be some other stain.
2) Also the CC stitching on the inside of the flap...I know it should be more raised/puffy on bags, e.g. the classic flap bags. But does it always have to be like that on all bags? Potentially older vintage versions look like the bag here?
3) The "Made in France" just looks bad and wrong.
4) And the CHANEL gold stamps also looks off and the R is usually much closer to the CHANEL logo stamp...its much further to the right.
5) The hardware CC on the front of the bag, I have seen vintage that have a small indentation on the top corner of the left hand C. This one has the indentation on the bottom the left hand C...I have not seen this before.

**Item 2:

1) The stitching on this does not seem as tight and of quality as all other classic bags I have seen. Too puffy with the quilting. Not enough stitches per "diamond"
2) The silver hardware on the back of the flap where the turn lock goes...the "screws" look off from all else I have seen.
3) And again the CC stitching on the inside flap it not raised/puffy as it should be. Especially since based on the hologram number, this is a more recent bag.
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