Authenticate Prada Fringe bags, please!!!

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  1. I am just wondering why these Prada fringe bags are so cheap, yes i know they are on eBay but is it because they are fakes???

    290144483510 - this one looks fake to me (too much fringe)

    Any advice or help would be appreciated in ways of spotting duds!!!!
  2. you answered your own question: because they're fakes.

    i'm no expert on prada bags or the fringe in particular, but look at the fringe on some of them (especially the last one) -- it's hideous! i wouldn't pay $100 for that (let alone $2000)! one tip for any bag is ask yourself: does this look like a good quality, expensive bag? the fringe on the bags you posted is either uneven, ragged looking or just plain ugly. this bag should not look like a used mop! the next rule of thumb is, if it seems too good to be true, it IS. no seller in her right mind would sell a $2000 hot and hard to find bag for a few hundred dollars.
  3. ALL authenticity questions must be placed in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread at the top of this forum please!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.