Authenticate my everything!?

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  1. Hi,
    If this is inappropriate, I apologize and will remove it.
    I'm a re-seller/ up-cycler, and I have a thing for bags (don't we all?) My problem ( I'm hoping you can help me with) is, that I buy them,and then don't put them up for sale, because there are so many tricky fakes out there. I know the drill on most key things to look for, but I'm still reluctant to list. I don't want my seller status suspended if a rogue fake slips past my radar. It is definitely not my intention to peddle counterfeits.
    And please don't take this to be a deragotory post about this site, on the contrary, I've found TPF to be an awesome resource/learning tool.
    Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm *almost* literally up to my ears in various designer bags. I think it's awesome that you will authenticate/ help, please know that.
    It's just a bit cumbersome to upload a mass amount of various designer bags to a photobucket (prior to ever trying to sell them) and posting/explaining/referencing on each designer thread.
    Other re-seller friends have suggested putting them on Etsy or Poshmark, instead, because the repercussions aren't as harsh as Ebay. I'd like to get your opinions.
    Or, if anyone of you has vast cross knowledge, on different designers, I'd paypal you to check my listings, and notify me to take them down directly, if a fake eluded me.

    Quite possibly I'm making this more difficult then it is? It just sadly seems so much easier to point out the people w/ fake bags for sale, then to try to authenticate prior to selling one?
    And, I promise I'm not trying to peddle on here, but any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, the authentication threads here on tPF is just a help for members wanting to buy an item and wants opinions from those experienced in the brand. Often the authenticators only know one brand, it takes to collecting and getting to know a brand over many years.

    Perhaps you can get a good price from one of the third party professional authentication services?
  3. I do know that if you purchase with Poshmark, they have an authentication service that's free when an item sells. It has to be over $700 I believe in order to have that service for the order. But if you are looking to sell bags that are under then it would be the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that it's authenticated before the transaction is finalized.

    If for whatever reason they say it's not authentic, then they would need to send it back. If they don't send it back then the transaction would go through.

    Hope that helps!
  4. I've never EVER seen a listing for a fake removed from Poshmark! Ever! And most of the fakes I've reported are obvious ones.

    And regarding the boldfaced unlined part above, you are wrong. The law says it's the seller's responsibility to know and verify authenticity of any item before it's listed anywhere. (And by law, that includes thrift stores and yard sales. Granted it's not done but Poshmark is wrong if they're putting responsibility on the buyer's shoulders.)
  5. Depending on the brands, I would highly suggest selling on Lollipuff for designer bags. They ask you for certain pictures of the items, and they pre-screen everything for authenticity, They only accept brands that they are experts on, but they have added quite a few brands lately. This way, you will know if your items are real. Also, Lollipuff now offers authentication services, and they are free once a week on their facebook page, so maybe utilize that?

    I'm not as familiar with Etsy's policies, but lots of people (unfortunately) sell replicas on Poshmark. Be prepared that if an item is not authentic, people may comment and tell you so since Posh doesn't do a good job of removing them. I have also seen people post listings and ask for help authenticating before they actually sell it, and this works well as there are lots of knowledgeable people on the app who can help with it, and then you would know before it's sold. You could also try posting some bags (say post a picture of bags by a certain designer lumped together), and ask if someone can help you authenticate. Many people only know certain brands like the commenter above said, so this may be helpful (I'm sure you could work out a deal if they help you authenticate a bunch of bags).

    I know it's cumbersome, but in truth, it's the seller's responsibility to ensure what they are selling is real. The purse forum authentication threads exist because people don't do a good job at this, but it's definitely not the responsibility of the buyer to have something authenticated. This is why the selling platforms say that replicas aren't allowed to be sold, because a seller is supposed to be aware.

    I'm sure there are people willing to help you authenticate some items! If I knew about bags I would, but I'm only good with shoes. I would give Lollipuff a try and let me know your thoughts on it!
  6. Couldn't agree more. It's definitely not up to the buyers to authenticate! The only people that think that way are the ones who get caught selling replicas. Poshmark needs to really crack down on their replicas. It deters so many people from buying on the app and it's sad :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.