Authenticate my big red Gucci?

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  1. My boyfriend purchased it at an antique mall in 2002/3 from a dealer who had a lot of vintage Gucci. I'm pretty sure it was priced at $495.00 - it was in great condition, very clean. The serial number is 002-25-0093. It's big: 18" x 12" and fire engine red. The inside is suede.

    I've used it brutally. It needs to go to the purse spa for rejuevenation (scuffs, ball point pen marks...), but I'm not sure I was to invest in that if it's a knock off. Until today, dragging it out of the closet after 2 years in hiding, I never considered the possibility that it might be unauthentic... What do you think?

    Sorry the pics aren't good...
    gucciA.jpg gucciB.jpg gucciC.jpg gucciD.jpg
  2. Wow.... the quality of that first pic was just awful. Reposting...
  3. doesnt look authentic to me but hey im no expert
  4. Please post this under Authenticate This Gucci thread, and the vintage experts will take a look for you. :smile:
  5. PLEASE post all authenticity questions in the AUTH THIS thread only!
Thread Status:
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