Authenticate Mulberry Purple Mabel

  1. Hi, What a great site! Have been searching for Mulberry purple patent Mable for ages as was sold out really quickly. Have seen this on eBay of course - wondering if anyone knows enough about it to give me even an idea if real or not. Auction ends Thursday around lunchtime. Midday ish. There seems to be the remains of an auctual bar code with it. Any thoughts would be really helpful. Familiar with Chloe but not Mulberry. Fakes are getting so flipping good! Many thanks:tup:
  2. Hi there,

    Don`t touch it !!! wow people like this should not be allowed to trade.
  3. Mmm,as Tara says don't touch it!! If that was genuine,they would want a lot more than that!! And there would be a reserve on it,very fishy.
  4. [​IMG]heres what a real one looks like if thats any help to you?xx
  5. [​IMG]And heres the eeb one if you need to compare them together-ish
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here you go!! Sorry for the faffing about!! Hope this helps you??xx
  7. Oh. My. God. ! ! ! I. Cannot. Believe. People. Fake. Bags. WHY??????
  8. Thankyou all so much. I will keep coming back to this site and maybe to help one day. i have three real designer bags and really appreciate the quality of them and its appalling when eBay gets away with letting them do this. I am a longtime seller on eBay myself and it really gets to me. I will report them right now but no doubt nothing will happen! Thankyou again. you are all great!:woohoo:
  9. Thanks for the pictures, your time and effort:yes:
  10. ^^^^ No worries hun,I never realised myself until I put them together how obvious the difference is!!xxx
  11. Ewww.
    That purple is not Mulberry purple.
  12. I am not a Mulberry expert in any way and only own one bag from Mulberry and it is the patent purple Mabel from last year and nothing looks similiar on mine and the ebay one. It also says made in Turkey(:s) inside mine and not Made in England like the ebay one. However there can be no question about authencity on mine since I got it from Nap.
  13. This is terrible that someone will have to pay 330 for this bag.
  14. hi again, i checked in to see how much it went for and you are right. £330! Appalling. The made in England looks wobbly too when i look at it again. It was the barcode that fooled me actually! presume they nicked it from the shop or someones bin? I have at the risk of being seen as a busybody, emailed the buyer of it to tell them.
    Have just seen a Valentino purple bag that looks rather nice. off to sell authentic items on ebay to pay for it:smile:
  15. Oh, too bad we didn't get to report this :cursing: Someone should contact the buyer and tell her that she bought a fake... I would sure like to know if it was me - before I left feedback! Or would that be taking it too far?