Authenticate LV damier speedy

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  1. That is a fake speedy azur. The leather tag is too round. The second picture looks like a real speedy azur.
  2. I have the exact same speedy bag that was bought from LV.
    in your first link that bag looks just like mine! Absolutely NOTHING different! I took a very very close look at mine and compared to the photos and it was dead on.
    good luck with your bidding :tup:
    ps please keep in mind I do not work for LV so I can not tell you that it is 100% authentic

  3. im sorry, im not an lv expert. but an auth. speedy azur can never be like the first link. so many flaws in there.
    the first 1 is DEF. fake
    for further reference, go to the other link and the lv expert can help you faster.
  4. :wtf: Wow. The 1st one is definitely fake.

    2-Please ask for close ups of the LV heatstamp on the leaf,date code and zipper pull.

    Please post the link again in the thread lorihmatthews provided and you'll get quicker response.
  5. I beg to differ. That bag is obviously fake. The handles, the seams, and the heatstamped leaf are all wrong. Plus, it comes with one of those "authenticity" cards that only come with fakes. You're not affiliated with the seller of this fake, are you? It seems awfully strange that someone who has never posted here before would be answering an authenticity question...
  6. I'll add another comment that it is impossible that this first bag was purchased in Feb 2007 and it has no patina after being used 5 times. This would only happen if the bag was never exposed to air! The seller is lying about more than one fact in my opinion.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.