Authenticate Juicy Couture carrier please?

  1. I dont know if ive come to the right place but I need someone who either owns JC dog carriers or knows JC bags well to authenticate this bag if possible? (I remember seeing someone here with 2 JC dog carriers hmm...) TIA!
    juicy1.jpg juicy3.jpg juicy4.jpg juicy5.jpg juicy6.jpg
  2. Help anyone any opinion/advice will be greatly appreciated :smile:
  3. hi its hard to tell for sure. I have two JC carriers which I purchased from niemans, but my hardware is bronzish/gold color, not silver. sorry if i am not helping much. your bag sure is cute though
  4. hello! i also have a juicy carrier for my pup, BUT her carrier is also w/ gold hardware

    BUT the style very similar, and looks the same as mine (e.g. the lining, side pocket, etc.) in respect to the hw color -it's probably just be b/c of the different color scheme, because my old juicy bag has silver hw just like that...

    by the way, the bag is a bit small, so if your dog is still a pup, it's a good size for now, but it might be a different story in a year, so i would take tha into consideration if your dog will be growing in excess of 4-5 lbs. besides that, it's a great bag for going out in, and my pup STILL loves it! so if you're getting a good deal, i say go for it!
  5. ^^^ p.s. here's a pic of mine for comparison, sorry... i dont have any pics of the inside, etc... but it looks just like your pics above!! she looks surprised/scared... but don't get me wrong, she LOVES her carrier!

  6. Thanks guys ...I bid on it and won ...for $118.50 USD a great deal :smile:! Its because the girl used it once and her puppy chewed a little bit on the little leash might bother some ppl I guess but not me cause mine will probably do the same thing lol! Thanks for the help!
  7. Sorry I'm late to the party. I think it looks like the real deal.
  8. thanks anyway oreganfanlisa i havent paid yet so if you had thought it was fake you wouldve saved me:smile:!
  9. i have 2 juicy carriers and the pockets are a little smaller than the ones in your photo. could you ask for a clear shot of the hot pink label?
  10. did you get it? would love to see pics of your dog in it. I just love juicy.
  11. I don't know about authenticity but it's really cute. My pup hates carriers so there will be no more in her future.