Authenticate Ed Hardy Tanya Handbag

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  1. I just bought a black Ed Hardy Tanya foldover handbag on ebay and is concerned if it is a fake? Ebayer guarantee's it's authenticity but wanted to ask any of you in this forum if you have the same bag/style as I do. Does your bag have a micro stitch serial label? I guess that should be the bulldog tag somewhere in the bag. I don't know if all Ed Hardy handbags should have that label. The only label I see in my bag is a white tag that says Made in China with the material info on it? PLEASE HELP! If it's a fake I will have to return it soon. Thanks!
  2. Would you please post a link to the auction? It's impossible to tell without looking at pictures.
  3. I took a look at both auction links. I don't believe this bag is real, mainly because the original seller is selling these hard to find bags in bulk. In fact, the original seller right now is selling 10 more of these bags.

    Always check to see if a seller is selling multiples of the same bag; generally if that's the case with a high demand item, they have purchased them from a counterfeit site in bulk.
  4. Lorihmatthews, thank you so much. I guess I should be sending it back then.
  5. Don't send it back -- file a dispute with Paypal. Only send it back if/when PP instructs you to do so.
  6. Will someone please tell me where I can find a authentic one like this in black.