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  1. Authentic?

    I Bought this earrings as authentic ones and sold them on ebay, because i thought these do not match my other jewelery.
    I think i bought them in Chanel store, but not sure anymore because it is such a long time ago and maybe i am messing up some memories. lol
    Now the buyer sais the earrings are fake.
    So what can i do?

    you may not post your own auctions here.
    Please psot in Chanel Shopping Forum's Authenticate This! Chanel
  2. Oh, and she sais that the Chanel paper bags do not have the word Chanel wirtten on it. HUH???
    Am i crazy but i only know these black Chanel Paper bags with the word Chanel written on also get them in the Chanel boutiques when you buy something there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.