Authenticate Chanel ballet flats by photos


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Aug 24, 2020
Hello everyone! Seeking help from true Chanel fans :smile:

i just purchased my first pre owned Chanel ballet flats and i do have doubts about its authenticity. I still have a day or two to send it back, but thought you could help identify it. My main concern is the serial number,it has more digits than 5 . Attached photos to check. Thanks in advance:smile: 9E98D83F-8ABB-4BEE-8C9B-C1E1DDB5BCB9.png 8BD7D190-8435-4710-AB3D-C30E9796FDB3.png 8BD7D190-8435-4710-AB3D-C30E9796FDB3.png 6BD12D63-0313-4D78-AFAF-A5E0BE85CEBB.png 6BD12D63-0313-4D78-AFAF-A5E0BE85CEBB.png