Authenticate a Bag before listing on ebay ?

  1. Hi I'm looking into listing some LV items I no longer use as much as I'd like to make new purchases :smile: In researching I noticed that some sellers have their bags authenticated by My Poupette prior to listing for a fee. Other mention my poupette, the eBay discussion boards and this forum.
    Two questions- Do you need to ask permission before mentioning this forum or others in a listing ? Do you authenticate before listing, if you know your bag is authentic ?
    I appreciate any help you can give a newbie...
  2. if you have a receipt, include a pic of the receipt with your personal info blacked out. write as much as you can about the bag including its authenticity (where bought, include its date code in pix CLEARLY and of the heat stamp CLEARY ...and on and on)

    as for mentioning the forum?...... dunno. good luck.
    btw, its only about $5 last time I checked for mp to authenticate.
  3. photoobsessive- thanks for the reply, I've been practicing taking photos of the LV bags - we have been cleaning out our closest so I have a wide range of items to sell, LV bags, Disney pins, clothing. Since I'm new my plan is to start out listing a few mixed items each week. I'm open to all suggestions on the best way to start.
  4. I don't know but I have loads of photo, include receipt,serial and etc. but eBay still pulled my auction out. Now I stop listing any more bags on sale.
  5. I'm so sorry that happened to you.
    I wanted to list a few items this week, but after researching and reading all the posts about bags being pulled I'm not quite sure what to do. Appreciate the responses and welcome any others advice/help. Thanks
  6. I have sold a few of my personal LV bags on eBay. The first one I had original receipts which I included, but did not authenticate it with my poupette. It sold on it's second listing for less than I expected.
    I more recently sold an LV bag and wallet in seperate auctions. I had the receipt & box for the wallet which I purchased at LV, but had purchased the bag off ebay from a legit LV reseller, no receipt. I had both authenticated by My Poupette prior to listing them (for the $5 email authentication). When I listed them for auction, I included that they had been authenticated and that I would include the email with the bag. I then, per My Poupette website, emailed My Poupette with the auction number telling them that I had mentioned the authentication. Both these auctions went much better, with more watchers and higher selling prices.
    I cannot say that the authentication is what helped, but think that it added reassurance for buyers because I am not in the business of selling LV. It took very little time and effort, you just email her your pics.
    Hope this helped!
  7. bjc- thanks for sharing your selling experiences with me- I'll look into My Poupette, do you recall how long it took for them to authenticate an item?
    I really wanted to get started this week since my husband is away a few days and my daughter ice hockey schedule is light. I guess I could start out listing some other items we set aside over the vacation. We have quite the assortment of clothing, disney pins, ice hockey stuff and LV bags. I was going to start with the LV but it probably makes more sense to start off selling the less expensive items. I promised myself I would only purchase more bags when I sold some, that's hard to do here - so much temptation.
  8. I sent the first one on a Fri and it took till Monday or Tuesday, the second one I sent during the week and if I remember correctly, I heard back the next day. You could send them the pics, and then start setting up the auctions, then start them as soon as your hear (only a few clicks). It always takes me a while to set up the auctions...
    Good luck with selling your bags!
  9. Thanks so much you have given me such great info. I'll send in pictures tomorrow and start setting up listings- I hadn't gotten to thinking about that yet, just researching pricing -trying to decide on using "buy it now" or auction format etc. Everyone on this forum is so friendly and helpful-so glad I found it