Authentica juicy couture CLUELESS

  1. Please help me and let me know if this is a Authenticate..juicy couture tracksuit...i have never gotten anything from them before but it looks like a ok deal please ends in 3 hours...thank you:tup:

    you can also click on the photos to get a better view
    a4e6_12.jpg a149_12.jpg adea_12.jpg e73e_12.jpg eb93_12.jpg
  3. The labels are completely different to my Juicy tracksuit which is authentic, but mine was brought 18mths ago. If you send the item number i can check proprly!
  4. I hope I'm not too optimistic, but I've never seen a fake one with price tags on it. But, I guess one could argue that the tags could have been removed from a real one and put on a fake one ...
  5. having a price tag means nothing- fakes have price tags too!

    Im not convinced and if she is saying they are this seasons then check nieman marcus website and they should be on there!
  6. i don't know what to do.. i think i won't bid b/c i don't want to deal with the hassle of getting my $$ back if it's a fake
  7. it looks like the tag on the jacket is pink, is it normally pink or white? the tag with the size on it.
  8. imo....fake