1. This is my first post! I am a member of Makeupalley and have been lurking here for a few months. Now I have a question...has anyone bought from the eBay seller lvlady99? thank you all!
  2. No, I haven't.
    She has some concerning feedback but looks like many are happy with her product & service.
  3. No but from my friends, I heard she sell authentic and her LV same with her description but will a bit difficult to ask her for discount.
  4. I bought a LV from her. She was fast with responses, and I got the bag in less than a week. So I had a great experience with her. However, going through her feedback, I get the feeling that she isn't the most patient seller if the buyer isn't willing to pay right away.
  5. I have bought from her several times. She is a great seller.
  6. Yes I bought an authentic Balenciaga and was happy with my experience.
  7. Lvlady99-Idy is MyPoupette Recomended Re-seller, too
  8. Has anyone bought from her and how was the experience?:yes: also, this is the date code, what year would this be?
  9. An A is spring 2005. You can see all the letters/years at ateliernaff.

    Also, I think people in general have had good experiences with authentic_lvlady, though I haven't bought from her myself.

    If you're interested in a particular auction, you should probably repost this in Authenticate This...
  10. I also believe her to be reliable and sell authentic merchandise.
  11. are we allowed to discuss sellers here? if so, my grenat day is from her, and it's lovely. no problems at all, and the shipping from HK was super quick :smile:

    if not, quite sorry.:shame:
  12. I have just been on atelier naff and gone on the serial no bit and the 115748 bit is there but not the other no?
  13. also just checked the colour swatched by season and there is no black for ss 05
  14. ^ Black has been made every season. :smile:
  15. the back says