1. i saw this bag on ebay and the auction ends in 20 minutes or so. its a horsebit hobo and it's at around 300. just wondering if it's authentic (since i know pretty much zilch about gucci)

    here's the link!


    here's another one...
    it's the same bag (ithink) and it's listed as buy it now for $275. i may be pretty clueless about gucci but isn't this bag worth over 1000 dollars? is it possible to sell a new, authentic purse at such a low price??

    sorry, i sound really stupid right now. i'm such a newbie :sad:
  2. I wouldn't bid. I am not an expert but the first seller is selling a fake spy.. big red flag.
    also the second.. the price is too low for a new bag and she has private feedback another red flag.
  3. I hope you didn't bid on them! The second one is for sure a fake (fake plastic Gucci card). The 1st one doesn't look right either.
  4. thx :]
  5. I've sold a bunch of authentic Horsebit hobos. The leather is wrong, it almost looks croc embossed, should be more naturally "wrinkly." On the Horsebits, the leather is really luxurious, not at all manufactured looking.