Authentic Wholesalers in midtown?!

  1. I was walking down the street near herald sq area (in NY) and got a flier that says "Authentic Wholesalers: featuring Tod's, Prada, Fendi. etc" And they are located 36th and 5th, selling designers bag (current season) for up to 50% off, according to flier. Are those legit? I went to the website, but doesn't really convince me enough..

    The flier says that they were featured in NY Mag's Best of NY part. I heard about all those knock-off places around canal st, but this is kind of new to me. Anybody who has any experience?:confused1:
  2. I've been inside their store 35 (btwn 7/8 Ave.), but looking at their website, they seem to have an outlet too at 36/5 Ave. It seemed legit inside the store, but as always, buyer beware. And if it wasn't legit, I don't think they'd be advertising their store with fliers, especially since anyone can report them. They seem to have a lot of styles since I was there a few years ago. Let us know if you go.

  3. this place seems too good to be true...but, i might still have to go check it out. anyone else been to this place before?
  4. i've been to their store before. their bags are authentic. i've purchased a mj there. they carry the older styles with the nickel hardware that have since been discontinued. it's a tad bit expensive compared to eBay, but sometimes they have a color i've been looking for. i've contemplated getting a bbag and chloe there as well, but i haven't had any occassion to go to that area lately. i hate having to fight my way through the throngs of tourists.

    they were featured in one of new york magazine's best of issue. i agree their website is shoddy, but the store itself is absolutely legit. there are some really great deals to be had there.
  5. been there. it's legit
  6. Been to the old location, haven't been to the new.