authentic websites? goelegant/shoplaperle?

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  1. HI :drool: i'm www.shoplaperle or www.goelegant really offer authentic LV bags?? Need info b4 buying. Looking for authentic Manhattan GM.($600.)on laperle website. Does anyone knowif it is real??:roflmfao:
  2. I'm guessing shoplapearle is the replacement to the lapearle sight that was shut down by the courts for selling fakes so I'd say no they are not real

    Plus it's pretty unlikely you'd get a manhattan gm for $600 even preowned. Sorry
  3. They're both fake! Stay away! If you want new Louis Vuitton online, your only choice is Eluxury or if you're in the UK. Otherwise, you can try trusted sellers of pre-owned LV like Let-Trade.
  4. truth hurts.

    stick with what we know works and who sells real items.
  5. :crybaby: WOW thanks everyone, I am so glad i found this site!! I'd rather own a pre-owned LV than any fake one!! The Let-trade site is authentic? Are prices the same as in the stores?? Thanks again!!:nuts:
  6. Yes, Let-Trade sells authentic items. A lot of members here are Let-Trade customers. The prices on Eluxury are the same as the boutique prices.
  7. Thanks again. I am saving for my first ever LV/ I want a denim one and a canvas mono..any other authentic LV sites?? I don't mind pre-loved if they are in good shape. Thank you for saving me from being scammed!!:yahoo:
  8. If you have any further questions about authenticity, please post in the Authenticate this thread in this shopping sub forum. There are also many other threads about LaPearl on the forum, may want to do a search next time! :flowers:
  9. As stated before, this topic has also been discussed MANY times before. Please try using the search feature above next time to see if a thread has been previously discussed. ;)
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