Authentic Vuitton Receipts

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  1. Can you please post pictures of authentic receipts. I would love photos of receipts from around the world. It's just that a lot of fakes come with receipts so I wanted a reference to what real authetic receipts look like. Would love to see receipts from Japan, and other parts of Asia, UK, and Europe.

  2. hmm interesting request.......... :whistle:
  3. ^yea, I don't think a lot of people are gonna go for that...
  4. Bad idea:tdown:
  5. ^ on my part? in that case, sorry OP, i didnt mean to offend. it's just very suspicious you know?
  6. well of course blank out personal information and a photo, not a scan. I know what US receipts look like, well at least mainland us. But does Hawaii and Japan have different receipts than mainland? Also, does LV do gift receipts? I purchased a Sophie off eBay from a seller who sent me a receipt from Japan, but it doesn't look like the ones from the US, I think it looks similar to the ones that I spot with the fakes that I see that comes with the fugly yellow card sometimes.
  7. You know what, nevermind. I just thought about how it may seem suspicious. Like the photos can be copied and posted on eBay. So I am closing this thread and doing my research elsewhere. Please don't think I do scams or fakes because I do not.
  8. ^^^^ Good idea.
  9. Can a Moderator please close this thread. Thanks!
  10. I think it would be ok to post reciepts with details blanked out as long as there is a PROMINENT WATERMARK on the picture so others can't copy them and use on their auctions etc.
  11. :tdown:
  12. I think that unfortunately this thread would show any lurking fakers or scammers what real receipts look like so they can make them to go with counterfeit bags. Bad idea lol :tdown:
  13. From what I know, LV Japan does give out gift receipts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.