Authentic vs. Fake Black Epi's?

  1. How does one tell a fake from a real black epi? Like say for the
    Saint-Jaques Pignees Longues?
  2. I think the real black epi becomes softer with use while the fake epi stays stiff but this is just my observation with epi wallets. I'm not sure about the bags.
  3. but what about visually? placement of handles or any other specifics I should look for?
  4. It seems to me that the LV symbol in the lower right hand corner is always clearer and more precise on the authentic bags, while the fakes can be sloppy.
  5. I don't know much about epi but I know some fakers can't get LV stamp right and has plastic looking material..
    real.jpg fake.jpg
  6. mostly on the stamp, for me i think the fake ones usually have a deep stamping while an authentic one, though ighter is much pleasing to the eye, hahah, but in the epi i usually look at the sides/seams-- fake ones are usually obvious bec they paint it to match the epi color (side of straps) it's harder in black. i think the mandarin is the easiest to spot just bec they cant get the brightness of the orange...
  7. That's a tough call. Sometimes I find even the real epi ones look fake to me.
  8. I'd look for the embossing of the LV on the right hand corner. The fake ones are usually look harsh.