"Authentic Vintage Lady Bag" ??

  1. I saw that a few days ago and it seems really off to me. I think the Coach bag is authentic but not the CD bag. If the CD was authentic it would go for way more than the Legacy bag. Why not list them separately? That seems way strange to me.
  2. How strange. I think this is a ploy to get people to bid more money. The fact that the seller doesn't even include that it is a CD bag in the title raises a red flag. They probably think people looking at Coach bags don't know real vs. fake CD bags so they can trick someone into thinking they are getting a great deal on two designer bags when in actuality, only one of the bags is real and the other is a big fake!
  3. I thought the Dior was fake as well.

    If it were me AND they were both real, I would have listed them separately.