Authentic Tiffany&Co Toggle Bracelet??????

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    Could anyone help me authenticate this.

    I actually paid £80.(not £50) after the auction.

    Should the toggle or bar be stamped 925 as neither is.I don't know if this would perhaps be on the heart that the seller removed?

    Does anyone have this bracelet that they could have a look at and let me know as i concerned that as i didn't get an actual proper Tiffany receipt it might not be authentic.

    I didn't get a copy of a Tiffany receipt (when i have purchased online they have always sent a receipt in an envelope) from the seller only a returns form and a copy of an email from Tiffany.
    When i queried this seller said Tiffany don't send out actual receipts if item is for a gift in case the receipient see it.Is this true?

    The bracelet is heavy and seems excellent quality with all the links being smooth soldered and i think card,box and pouch(double pocket) look genuine.

    Just concerned there is no 925 silver stamp any where at all on the bracelet.I have purchased Bead bracelet and a Venetian Link both direct from Tiffany and both had 925 stamped on the clasp.

    Thanks for anyones help.

    Opai x
    Here are some photos i have taken also.
    br 003.JPG br 002.JPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.