Authentic Tiffany and CO. ?

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  1. Hello I am sorry to bother you but I am tying to buy my girlfriend a 6 months present and was wondering if any of these pieces of Tiffany and Co. jewelry is authentic. Thanks for your time.
    Item number: 250159863152
    Item number: 280149279393
    Item number: 280148472104

    I think the necklaces may be this necklace:
    Tiffany & Co. | Item | Flower pendant, small. Sterling silver. | United States
  2. 1. & 3. look off to me!:tdown:

    2. not enough close up pictures!

  3. If I were you, I'd just stick with shopping from There are some very affordable smaller pieces (think $125 for a locket charm with neck chain), and you'd know you were getting the real thing. Just don't do what my husband did and break the entire site when you check out!

    Edit: FYI, you can get that flower charm on a necklace from Tiffanys for $175- that would probably be a much better bet than eBay. If those auctions are real, they'll probably shoot up at the very end anyway.
  4. 1 & 3 do not guarantee authentic so I'd say they're definitely fake - 1 looks really fake - and 2 is hard to tell w/out close ups. Unless u see in person it's hard to tell sometimes but there are definite distinct differences. I've compared mine to several friends known fakes. If I were you I'd choose something you can afford & buy from Tiffany directly.
  5. there's actually a thread called Authenticate This! Jewelry provided in our Jewelry Forum for these questions.
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