Authentic this Chloe

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  1. Please can someone authentic this for me. I only have one picture at present but will post more later as need to resize them first.
    The serial number is 03 05 53
    thanks Julie
  2. I thought this was where I posted them:confused1:...only signed up today and obviously having problems trying to add a new thread to the authenticate this chloe.....Hopefully will have better luck later...
  3. Don't worry about posting any more pics, the bag in the first pic is a fake.

    PS: This section is for authenticating bags that don't have their own section, Chloé does ;)
  4. How can you tell?
    These are the other pics anyway....the seller was on eBay I didnt buy it, as I was interested in the buy it now price but it was to much.
    I would be interested to know?
    thanks Julie
    Pic.jpg Pic1.jpg Pic2.jpg Pic3.jpg
  5. Hardware too shiny, leather too stiff and the crystal lock was never made on black.

    If you find any other's your interested in there's plenty of helpful authenticators on the Chloé section :tup:
  6. Thank you for you help much appreciated:tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.