Authentic this bag please!

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  1. This is my 1st post here but i visited the site before, i bought a Burberry bag on eBay from UK, the man said it was his gf's gift from the ex bf :smile:. It is Burberry blue label, the label inside say ZAE03-300-38, and the other side has number 01110-05 YDK. I asked the seller that is it authentic, he said his gf consume that it is authentic, and the price + a wallet + postage is a very good price, so i thought what the hell, get it :smile:.

    I never have one of burberry bag yet, the price does not make it easy ha ha!, so i never have one to compare that is it authentic or not,

    But it still brothering me that do i get a bargain or what?!!!

    thanks so much,
    (sorry im not a native ENG, sorry if my ENG seem messy lol.
  2. Hi, thanks for your kind quick reply and i tried to put some more photos but its does not want to work. i will try again sometime.

    While i was taking some photos i see more details of the bag, and thought it look like a stupid cheap bag :sad:. and its seem like embarassing that i have to ask you guys to tell me that is this cheap looking bag is authentic or not. :sad:.

    Thanks again.
    Nion (never have experience, ha ha)
  3. Hi Nion.. if you will look here at the very first post, there are some detailed instruction for posting photos. In my opinion, the simplest is to load all of your photos to an album at (free) and simply copy and paste the link to the album.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.