Authentic sunglasses?

  1. Hi, I know that this is The PURSE Forum, but I thought if you lovely ladies love authentic handbags so much why wouldnt you love other authentic accsories such as sunglasses.:yes: The question is does sell authentic sunglasses?:tup:
  2. I'm not sure but I'm concerned that they do not show a physical address on their website. That's a warning sign to me.
  3. I took the phone # listed in the returns section and did reverse look up on it.

    Popularglasses .Com

    201 Avenue T
    Brooklyn, NY 11223

    (718) 339-2026

    I went to the BBB website and couldn't find anything on them (searching by address, domain name, or phone number)

    I'd stay away.
  4. Awwww man:wtf:, I really wanted a pair of Chloe sunnies, (the ones that Nicole Richie has), does that mean they are not authentic or something else?:wondering
  5. They probably sell fakes. I'd look for other sources.