authentic sunglasses store on ebay

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  1. hello ladies!
    i saw a lot of great deals on sunglasses on ebay.i wonder if all the items they are selling are authentic sunnies? is there a list here of reputable sunglasses store on ebay?
  2. i found a few pairs that i like from ebay stores:

    to name a few...
  3. #3 Sep 4, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2008
    maxkodak they stole one of my pics for a recent auction. I wouldn't buy from a photo thief.
  4. this is great ladies! i've been wanting sunnies and i am not educated enough on them to validate them! love it!
  5. I was thinking of getting some sunglasses from eyeglassliquidators. Has anyone bought anything through them on ebay??? authentic?
  6. I'll bump this and post a few authentic stores on ebay I have had positive experience with, it might help someone :smile:
    of course, ALWAYS double check every item you want to buy here ;)