authentic site?

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  1. hi guys! just wondering if this site is really selling authentic bbags.

    its just that i read on atelier that bbags are not sold online. hope these are real coz theres no balanciaga stores in malaysia. hope you can help me out, thanks!
  2. Which site are you referring to?

  3. Yes, Diabro is authentic!
  4. woohoo! thanks!
  5. Yes, u can trust that website as i just bought my black coin purse from them...the shipment was prompt and service was worries
  6. Yup. They are awesome. I got a gorgeous sapin mini bowling from them.
  7. Does anyone know why Balenciaga allows Diabro (and Rafaello and styledrops) to continue selling online, but cracks down on others? Have they just not gotten to these sites yet, or are these somehow operating on different rules?
  8. Wow. I almost made an impulse purchase on Diabro just not. Luckily I caught myself before I completed the transaction. The prices on the coin purses are much better than US prices :smile: But I realized that I'm just as happy with my Coach wristlets.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.