Authentic???? Puleez

  1. I don't know if you all have a section for pathetic fake auctions but I saw this one and couldn't stop laughing. Sad they started the bid at 100 dollars. I mean to have the 8 color bag with the 8 color shoes, throw in a 4 color belt and your styling. Uuuh this makes me so mad. And check out the questions of authenticity. She has the nerve to be like yeah it's authentic.
  2. :mad:
  3. um ew.
  4. eww that is horble.
  5. I sent the sellar a nasty comment in the question box...what a liar and scammer.
  6. go sunshine.

    she replied your question.
  7. I see WAY too many of those ugly fakes in my school!
  8. [FONT=Arial, Verdana]I'm a consignment seller, and I assure you I'm not trying to pass anything off. If you can tell me how to tell this isn't authentic, I'd appreciate it. My feedback record should tell all buyers that I'm honest and not trying to take anyone's money. Please respond!
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]Respond to this question in My Messages.[/FONT] [​IMG]Anyone care to respond?
  9. :lol: Dag sunshine, you layed into her. "Can you tell me how it's not authentic" LOL a blind man could tell it's not authentic. :roflmfao:
  10. a bad mood today!! Things like this make me angry at the best of times...and when Im angry...forget it.
  11. I would say show her a pic of a real one, she would bow her head in shame, but I don't recall louis making a MC version of the musette. In this case the musette ochocolor (eightcolor)
  12. 5 minutes to go...$112 ...3 sad.
  13. ugh, ewww! Who would pay $127 for that??
  14. poor people....I try to stop these...but it's got to be far in advance for ebay to pull it. Why oh why do people bid before doing research!
  15. at least she is honest enough or crazy at least to post up our questions and ranting about it being fake....heheh its wierd