Authentic Prada E-bay sellers

  1. Has anyone bought an authentic Prada on e-bay? Any sellers who sell authentic bags?
    I have bought Jimmy Choo bags from different sellers and have been lucky, but I know how to authenticate them as I have quite a few. But now I'm looking at Prada and I know nothing...:confused1:
  2. Prada Psycho is the person who knows all about Prada. She is the queen here and hopefully she will respond. If she doesn't catch your post, maybe you can pm her. The only 2 sellers from eBay that I know have sold authentic Prada bags are leshent and let-trade. Leshent sells mostly Chanel and let-trade sells mainly LV, however, they do have a Prada occasionally and I know that you can e-mail let-trade with the bag that you are interested in and he will sometimes find it for you at a pretty decent price. Also lvauthentic (Italy Station) sells some authentic Prada, however they are sometimes pricey. Like I said before tho.......Prada Psycho is the ultimate authority here. Hope this helps......;)
  3. Two reliable (as far as I know) sellers: senorjayme and peskipiksipesternomi.[​IMG]
  4. Thank you Prada girls!
  5. Ariail54 (Coco's Closet) and Clarsanna are both reputable sellers. Their stock varies though, and since everyone wants Chaaaaaaaaaaaaanel these days, they tend to carry more of that than Prada. But have a look.

    You CAN get authentic Prada from other sellers, but unless you know every little detail, stick with the people recommended in this thread or post the eBay link in the Authenticate This thread above and we can check it out for you. ;)
  6. ^^:love:Thanks...
  7. ^^If you Prada girls ever need any help with Jimmy Choo authentication, come on over to that forum and we will help.:heart:
  8. anybody knows abt luxuryfinds_101? are they selling authentics stuff?

  9. When we were at the NM sale yesterday my wife went looking specifically for the fairy bag and wallet but since they were out she wandered the floor. She didn't really see anything in the Gucci, Chanel or Burberry kiosks that caught her eye and ended up buying a Prada anyway.
  10. Can anyone recommend someone to authenticate Pradas to help me settle a dispute with eBay? I really wish they would take all your opinions into account!

    Not sure if I should post this to the ebay forum??

    Also, there are some websites that sell authentic goods, aren't there? Beyond the rack, yoogis closet, etc.? Part of the problem is some department stores don't ship to Canada. Of course, the main problem is my mortgage...then I'd try to skip ebay altogether.

  11. Your first question:

    All three do written statements that Paypal will accept in disputes, but there is a fee involved.

    Your second question:
  12. Just bought a gorgeous bag that was authenticated here yesterday from yogabutet.
  13. I have bought prada from bondny before on eBay. (After Prada Psycho authenticated it, of course.) They are very good to deal with.