authentic philip stein watch

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  1. how do you identify an authentic philip stein watch? i checked the one they are selling on the net it has a words Philip Stein Teslar on the face of the watch. is this authentic?
  2. I have the small double diamonds, and mine says Philip Stein above the watch hands, and Teslar below. Pictures might help...
  3. where did you buy it? is it safe to buy online?
  4. Be careful! Make sure it says Teslar on the back of the watch around the chips. Even if the band says Philip Stein Teslar it might not be Teslar chips in the back. Some of the philip stein watches are made with a new/different chip that isn't Teslar. The watch face will say Philip Stein with a Teslar logo or the word Teslar. If you're ordering on EBay make sure you have pictures of the back of the watch as well-- not just the face!