Authentic Papillon 30 but missing date code? Huh?

  1. I’m organizing my bag closet and putting together a comprehensive list of every bag in my collection (am I the only crazy person who does this :confused1: ) and the strangest thing happened, I can not find a date code in my Damier Papillon 30 to save my life :confused1: This was purchased from the Louis Vuitton boutique in Dec. 2005. Am I missing something? Where is it hiding?
  2. it should be there somewhere! my gold pap's date code is on the upper half corner, the opposite side of ext. pocket :smile: It might not be stamp on a tag though, mono pap's date code is directly embossed on the canvas itself.
  3. its close to a seam... look close and in the light :smile:
  4. hope this helps

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  5. cant find one in mine either.. the pap has no inside pocket
  6. oh sry, i mean the exterior side pocket. the date code is about 3 inches away from the zipper on mine. The side where the zipper pull is at when the pap is open.
  7. CrazyBagLady, you too :confused1: Wow :shrugs:

    BTW, I'm lusting your Damier Speedy :drool:
  8. Undo the zipper all the way,it's on the seam just under the zipper.:yes:
  9. Thank you, I just checked again, no date code on the leather tab or near the zipper :confused1:
  10. They are very tricky to find!
  11. Under the zipper pull? Let me check again. Thank you :smile:
  12. Oh geez..your right..there it is...who would have thought!!:nuts:
  13. OK, this is making me crazy!!! I don't see it :hysteric: In short of pulling the lining away from the fabric, I don't know what else to do :hysteric:
  14. ^^^ It IS there - try using a flashlight
  15. its not on the leather tab its on the onside of the bag, along the seam.. see above pic..