Authentic Paddys on sale at Elizabeth Thomas

  1. Elizabeth Thomas has a number of Paddys on sale. While not the cheapest, she is still cheaper than most brick-and-mortar shps and she has a sterling reputation for selling only authentic bags (many PFers have bought Chloes and Balenciagas from her). Plus she has the coveted blanc and whiskey, as well as Jeans Moyen. Check out her Chloe shop. She also has some Paddys listed on eBay.

    Note that I am in no way shape or form related to her. Just want to give the heads up on good deals.
  2. Thanks for the info. The Whiskey Paddy looks great. I might just get it. Any idea what her seller id is on Ebay? Thanks.
  3. Thanks again!!
  4. That is a good sale. Some of her paddingtons are very stiff, boxy and too smooth. Personally I'd hold out for more pebbly bags. Also...I would pay the extra 15% and buy it directly from a department store. That way, you know it is 100% authentic (not saying hers aren't) and when you go to resale the bag your validity will be that much higher. Oh...and you can return it if you don't like it IRL when you buy from a department store.
  5. Thanks Lordguinny for the great advice. I was debating Whiskey or Chocolate. I know Whiskey is really hard to find. Any suggestions on color?
  6. Did someone here bid on the Blanc paddy Eliz has up on eBay. Another one on my watch list bites the dust :sad:
  7. I know how you feel, I lost that Grenat paddy on Ebay today. :sad::sad::sad:
  8. This is hard, as I have both and can't imagine not owning both colors! :lol: But you have to consider a few things if you can only have one or the other. The first thing is although it is a strong color, whiskey can actually be worn with a ton of clothing. I love wearing it with black, browns, white, patterned clothing, etc. The chocolate can be worn with a lot but doesn't "POP" with black and browns like the whiskey color does. So if you are a black/grey clothing person I'd go with whiskey.

    However....Chloe makes THE BEST chocolate. Hands down. You will never see another designer come up with a chocolate as good as Chloe's. It's deep, rich and saturated indoors. Outdoors it's burgandy undertones make the bag look like ripe berries generously drizzled with chocolate syrup. Some bags make me describe them as food and Chloe's chocolate color is one of them! the end, it depends on your wardrobe. Because no matter how much you love a color if you don't wear it then it is a shame. What colors do you wear a lot?

    Edit: Also, the texture of the bag makes a big difference to me. If you find a perfectly smooshy pebbly whiskey but can't find the same one for the chocolate then I would go whiskey. The only problem right now is whiskey is very very hard to find in the department stores and boutiques. I personally think that any whiskey out right now are from Spring '06. I don't think they were available for order for Fall '06. I think they are pushing that orange color (which, in my opinion is a bit strong).
  9. She is 100% right about the chocolate. The SA and I were debating the redish undertone in the bag that makes it look (a little) burgundy. It's a really beautiful and complex color.
  10. Audrey,

    Is that your golden retriever? I have a 10 year old Goldie too. He's a brawny lad, that one.

    Anyhow, back in the day before I knew what a paddington was, I was at a picnic and saw this woman's bag sitting on a table across from the pool where I was standing. It actually shimmered in the sun. No, I am not romantizing the chocolate paddington, I am stating a fact. The bag shimmered. :lol: I couldn't take my eyes off the bag and I had to find what it was and what color it was. I didn't even, at the time, identify it as "chocolate" because it was not the standard brown that you see in so many bags now. It was complex. I couldn't discern why the color was so amazing. I just needed to have it.

    If a store has paddingtons your eyes naturally draw to the whiskey and chocolate paddingtons. This is how it is for me...I've never seen a grenat just sitting around in a boutique (probably because they always get snatched up), but I imagine it would draw my eye first as well.

    HTH on your decision! :flowers:
  11. I agree with the most poetic LG!! My choco is a fab color with lots of reddish gold undertones. The whiskey is amazing IRL as well.

    I think LG gives great advice though: get the prettiest leather you can find, regardless of the color. If I had had a few more bags to choose my choco from I imagine I would love it even more :heart:
  12. You know hmwe, I am glad I've never seen mousse in real life. Why? Because than that baby would be mine! :lol: Mousse has such a strong following, it makes me wonder if it's true beauty isn't properly depicted in photos. The thing is, I never see mousse in the department stores....probably because they are gone even before they hit the display floor...
  13. I just looked up mousse in the translation dictionary and it says 'moss' which describes it beautifully.

    The cream colored stitching make the bag very versitle too. Most of my wardrobe is neutrals and I worried about this color being functional: it's perfect.

    I also worried about the silver-toned lock and hardware. I pretty much stick to gold jewelry so I thought it might clash.

    But it doesn't!

    Are you conviced to grab one yet? :angel: hee!

    I got mine from Joan Shepp though and haven't seen anymore.... If I do you will be the first to know!
  14. Nordstrom's in Seattle had some in about two weeks ago. It would be worth checking with them. The color wasn't for me but for someone with a different wardrobe I could see where it would be fab.