Authentic or Fake Gryson Skye?

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  1. Could someone please help me figure out whether this bag is authentic or not? It's a chocolate colour, with contrast trim and handles. I know gryson makes a dark black/brown bag with contrast handles, a white bag w/ tan contrast trim, and a few others.
  2. It looks pretty good but it would be useful to see it closer up and in more detail. Is the inside seude?
  3. Hi, yes the inside is suede. I asked her to send me more photos as well.

    I just couldn't remember if gryson made a brown/dark brown contrast trim skye.
  4. gtaStat, I don't think GRYSON did make a brown/dark brown Skye. The chocolate from the fall line had no contrast in the trim. I was unable to download all the photos but did notice in the one of the ID tag, that the zip tape is an unusual color. I'd be very cautious if I were you.
  5. gtaStat, I just spoke with my sister. She has a chocolate Skye. She says there is some contrast in her trim. The body of the bag is slightly more reddish than the handles, which are more of a true brown........Unfortunately there a ton of fake Grysons out there (especially on ebay). Maybe try asking the seller what brand the zippers are. The name of the zipper brand can be found imprinted on the back of the zipper head (the part the makes contact with the teeth, not the zip pull). Maybe that will shed some light on things.
  6. Smart advice, thank you very much! I'll ask the seller for the tag ID ( I thought gryson used "lamp" or something like that). I already asked for more pics, but haven't heard from her/him yet.
  7. I've seen alot of Fake Skye's on ebay so it is so hard. The leather to me on that bag doesn't look quite right. I have a Chocolate Skye and the color seems different. The Leather on your pics seems shinier and not as grainy as mine and the contrast as you can see is different. I'd be very careful. They are selling brown Skye's on Ioffer.

  8. Thank you for posting a pic of your bag! You are right, the leather does look a bit different. I was confused since on the gryson website, there is one feature that shows the regular skye's, and another that shows the contrast skye's. However, there are no pics of each individual colour. I wish they'd put more pics on the site.
  9. gtaStat, an authentic Gryson in chocolate would never have white zip tape. i would not trust this seller.
  10. Is this a bag on ebay? Can you post the link so that we can see the description and seller info (or is that not allowed?)??
  11. You have a great eye! I was comparing pics over and over, looking for inconsistencies, and failed to see the zip tape colour! Right!!! Looks like this bag is a fake. Thanks!
  12. The auction has ended, but this was the listing:

    If it shows up again, please report it to ebay. The more users report it, the greater chance ebay will take it off and we will spare some poor buyer!

    You report an item by going to the bottom of the listing and clicking on report this item.
  13. that seller is using other people's pics - look at the pic of the closeup of the Skye tag - that's where you can see the white tape on the zipper. Now look at the pic of the bag hanging on the door - the tape is a darker shade of brown. You can also tell because nearly every pic is different - like they were all taken w/different cameras, in different lighting (and the first one's a stock photo anyhow).

    Definitely one to avoid!