Authentic on-line Balenciaga??

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  1. Hi,

    Are there any on-line websites where they sell authentic BBags besides Thanks all in advance!!:shrugs:
  2. thank you, christymarie!
  3. Barneys
  4. hi ladies again,

    i am thinking of getting either balenciaga hobo or day bag.. can anyone tell me which is more comfortable to carry? thanks.
  5. I'm looking for Bbag online and come across this site: and find it amazingly cheap :confused1:. Just not sure about the authenticity of the bags sold there, as well as quality. Experts PFs, please help to investigate or share your experience if you ever purchase yours from them. Thanks.
  6. To cheap to be true, when i look at the leather than i would say it looks ok on some of the bags. But when i look at the tassles i dont think so the look stif and not like they where mend to be. Light and easy and when U walk in in the wind all the tassles flow around you and that would not happen with these. Try to find some on the auction sites and aks for help in the authentize this tread. I know a lot off people here are great in helping to find U the right but real the right bag. And U can always pm me if U need my help with something if its for authorizing of looking at the colour and the year and the state of the bag. U can give me a personal mailtje ok.
    Good luck finding what U want and need Hugs FX:heart::heart::heart:

  7. This site sells 100% fakes - stay away!:nogood: If it's too good to be true, it most likely is - they use some stock photos mixed with fake photos, try a search of TPF, it will likely have been mentioned before :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.