Authentic Mulberry's also made in Turkey or China??

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  1. Hi all!

    Can you please help me.. ?

    I thought that all authentic Mulberry's are made in England, but I've heard that they have also factories in Turkey and China..? And at least some authentic bags have label "Made in England" but do they also have "Made in Turkey" or "Made in China"?? (If they really have factories there too..)

    Thanks!! :smile:

  2. Mulberry makes quite a few of their bags in Turkey and China. I spoke to one of the assisstants in the St. Christophers place Mulberry shop in London and she told me that all the leather goes to their factory in England (near Bath) and undergoes quality control there. Then it is sent to different factories to be made into the bags - some in the english factory but a lot to China and Turkey. I have an Araline that has a made in china label. So having a bag with a "made in China" or "made in Turkey" label does not mean it isn't authentic! Hope this helps!
  3. Hi! Thank you for the information! :smile: That's good to know.
  4. I have two Mulberrys, a roxanne and a phoebe ... both are made in Turkey. When I first bought my roxanne, I was surprised that it was made in Turkey. I even went back to the SA to check if all the other Mulberrys were made there as well. The SA was surprised because she thought they were all made in England since it's a British designer. The bayswater she had was make in China ... so yes, authentic Mulberry bags are made in Turkey or in China.
  5. Actually they are assembled in turkey and china. The leather originates in Italy and the bags are assembled elsewhere.
  6. hmm.. that is a good info to know.. didn't know that at all..
  7. Is it true, that the "made in" label must be black? And what ist the meaning of the letter(s) on reverse?
  8. Hi, please post your question or try a search on it in our Mulberry forum:

    Thank you! :smile:
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