Authentic MULBERRY BAYSWATER please!

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  1. hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and hope i'm posting this in the right place.

    I am interested in the mulberry bayswater bag, can all of you experts tell me if these bags are authentic? I really don't want to buy a fake...THANK You!
  2. msvirus - I just answered your question on the other thread you posted on; if you go there you will see my reply.

  3. thanks again!
  4. Agree with JazzyJay ,both look fake !
  5. yep both are fake
  6. I agree def fake:tdown:
  7. thanks EVERYONE!!!!!!
  8. yep its real !!
  9. Thank you mulberrylove & mulberrymania...:heart: here's to getting a Mulberry forum!! Hope Hope!!:yes:
  10. Indeed it is real, that seller has some very nice stuff too, I often keep my eye on their listings.
  11. :tup:;):yes:
  12. here's