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  1. either below or underneath where you found this one in which we are writing...
  2. I am sorry, I just realized I didn't say it correctly's either above or below this one!
  3. thanks for your help kiki!
    was really tempted as they had a model i was looking for.
    Time to look through eBay again :smile:
  4. Limited Edition Hawaii Tote

    I have this very bag. I paid retail and feel like I got much more than what the bag is worth. It's roomy, inifnitely practical, and fun all at the same time. It's going to be a great year round bag.

    This is a terrific price (nice seller too) :smile:
  5. Hi :smile:

    I missed this range of bags last year because I didn't think they were that amazing...typical: as soon as you can't buy them anymore I decide that one of them is what I must have.

    SO! I found this one on eBay. It looks real - thoughts?


    Many thanks :smile:
  6. Hi emma and welcome! pleas post this question in the Authenticate This thread right below or above this one...
  7. haha, sorry - nearly got the right one ;)
  8. Hi Ladies!!! :smile:

    This has been talked about quite a few times on the formu.. the Navy St. Cocco Clutch!!
    someone get it!

    BIN is about 25% off from retail... think this has been sold out both online & instore!!!
  9. I found a MIU MIU Matelasse Quilted Shopper Tote on eBay!
    I can tell it's authentic and in auction right now! This tote is one of the popular bag from Miu Miu and sold out in Miu Miu store. My sister has a blue one which is really good for daily use. I think black is good for every season as well.
    Ebay item number: 260416036777
    Condition: New with tag, dust bag & receipe.
    Price : in auction! not sure yet!
  10. I also found a
    MIU MIU Fumo Smoke Gray Leather Intreccio Woven Bag

    On of the most Beautiful Miu Miu bag from the current season! This is a really nice bag which I see it in Miu Miu store once. It also comes with red as well. But I like this color more than the red one. Coz, the blue grey color would last longer than the red one!

    ITEM NUMBER: 120424489017