Authentic Miu Miu Deals & Finds - NO CHATTER

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    Authentic MIU MIU eBay Deals/Finds


    The purpose of this thread is to spotlight authentic MIU MIU bags that are currently available and ending soon or are reasonably priced BIN bags that might be of interest to a fellow tPFer ~

    Listings must be ending soon (within a day or so) or have a reasonable BIN price tag ~

    If you are not 100% positive about the authenticity of the listing - please post to the Authenticate this MIU MIU bag thread FIRST ~

    **You may NOT post your own listing** ~

    You are responsible for confirming the authenticity of the bag if you are not familiar with the PFer posting the listing ~

    This has gone over very well in other sub-forums so lets try it here!!

    Happy Bidding!!
  3. Hi there - I'm new to this forum but had to post what I THINK is a great find. I got this today for $8 at a thrift store that just opened. It was sitting there in the corner by itself all lonely and I just had to get it - its my first Miu.

    I'll have to post pictures of the "actual" bag later so maybe someone can help tell me if its a fake. It doesn't appear to be fake but who knows - In the meantime, I found a link to pictures of the purse online and I'm posting it here hoping someone can help me with the name of the bag. Thank you in advance. d

    Here's the link....
  4. ^ Thanks Miu2. I am so shocked, because it looks so real, but I have never owned that style and she doesn't show underneath the zipper.:oh: Her other auctions seem legit too. I better make sure I check here before I buy again, because I have obviously missed some training.:p