Authentic Marc Jacobs Sales/Finds Thread - No Chatting Please!

  1. And this Karlie bag also featured in the Nordie 2012 Anni catalog:
    Nordie Anni 2012 MJ Bag Karlie.jpg
  2. Ummm aren't these the bags from last year's Anniversary Sale? Or am I confused? :confused1:
  3. Melly's right -- :shame::shame: My bad -- Here's a link to the MJ from this year's catalog: Quilted XL Single for 665.90 and Quilted Zip Clutch for 283.90 both in Black, available beginning July 11 to cardholders.
  4. *delete*
  5. MJ boutiques - 70% off select bags. I have pics from 2 different boutiques, but they are huge and will not upload.

    Sullivans, a white Carmine, Resort Optic Tote (very cute!), makeup bags, etc, some from the Crosby line.
  6. Im really interested in the Carmine! Can you send me a pic?
  7. ant.jpg
  8. Here are some of the bags & clutches on sale, as well as the message from the MJ store as to what's included

    image-2558734606.jpg image-1909429376.jpg image-3024253019.jpg
  9. A couple more not pictured earlier