Authentic Maggie convertible?

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  1. Though I'm definitely not an expert, I'd say it's not real. The creed looks off to me and according to the creed it was released in '04, but I don't recall seeing the horse and carriage plaques on the front until more recently.
    I'd suggest waiting for more seasoned coachies to give their opinion and/or post this in the "authenticate this" thread.
  2. noooooooooooooo
  3. I think it is a fake; it can't be brand new and have an '04 creed. The new Hippie is a Madison Hippie, not a Maggie Hippie, and the bag just looks wrong.
  4. That's definitely a fake.

    That being said, doesn't it look like a weird Brooke/Madison hybrid?
  5. Way fake!!!
  6. it looks more like a brooke wannabe than a hippie. this is so fake.
  7. looks like a fake one
  8. Exactly what I thought. Someone tried hard, didn't they?
  9. the style number is not right since it should be a 5 digit number
    that is not a real coach dust bag (wront colouring and wrong placement)
    for most bags, there isnt really stitching down the middle center
    the coach tag is more rounder and not rectangle looking
    the zipper for the inside pocket is not the correct zip hook (normally its a leather strap not metal)
    also there is no such thing as "maggie collection" its madison
    and the hippie bag is mainly a button to close it and not a zip
    to me look slike a brooke wannabe with juts a long strap
  10. I agree with everyone else, it's fake. Look at the shape of the
  11. :roflmfao:Thanks for making me giggle
  12. yay! looks fake to me.. look at the stitching, dust bag and the
  13. FAKKKKKKE look at that dust bag..thats the first thing that shows u, plus the plaque on the bag are newer, i think last year-ish it when i started seeing em
  14. So fake..... YUCK :nogood:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.