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  1. Has anyone ever ordered from the website ""? or has anyone heard of it?
  2. I have looked at it but have been scared to order...
  3. I wonder too. Sorry I am no help
  4. I'm looking at the site and I'm confused. They say their products contain 'irregularities' but are authentic and they don't appear to be preLoved... Weird.
  5. Gucci-Girl">
    Fake.. It been talked about here before..
  6. Never heard of it, but that word "irregularities" sounds alarming. I'd say that's a huge red flag.
  7. Louis Vuitton does not sell or release to anyone damaged or irregular bags. There are a few sight saying they do that. I would but pre loved off of Fashionphile or yoogies personally.
  8. Hmm looks too good to be true. :sad: But if those are fakes, those are some crazy high prices they are charging.
  9. They sell fakes.
  10. Irregularities? No. People might find irregularities in bags they buy directly from LV, but they're still at full price! These are fakes.
  11. I've spent thirty seconds on that site and have already spotted that they're selling 'brand new' items that have been discontinued for years!? And not in limited quantities either. Please no one buy from this site!
  12. Yes
  13. The prices r very high and I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't know and would buy cuz usually the fake bags r under $300.
  14. Haha they come from FL to too. Prob also sell at the many flea markets there. I used to see so many counterfeit goods at the outdoor flea markets. One thing that is pretty obvious that they're not real bags is the fact that they're not even used bags. Who gives discounts for all brand new LV bags?!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.