"Authentic" LV with "Genuine" Receipts?

  1. I have come across several auctions on eBay, all from sellers claiming that their bags are authentic, and as proof, have receipts from the LV store in Las Vegas. Now I know that there actually is an LV store in Vegas, but what concerns me is that I seem to remember seeing "authentic" bags with "genuine" LV Las Vegas receipts on iOffer--and the bags were FAR from authentic. As an example, I just emailed a seller who is selling a perfo speedy--the rare green color that the fakers also love--and claimed that her bag was authentic. I emailed her because she only had three pics up, all of the front of the bag, and I wanted to see what the inside of the bag looked like. She emailed me back and told me that she was on vacation (hmmm, why do they always list items when they are on vacation?) and couldn't email me pics, but that she purchased it herself from the LV in Las Vegas. Maybe I am mistaken, but are there some shady sellers on iOffer who are perhaps forging the receipts from the LV store in Vegas to offer up as proof of authenticity with their fake bags?
  2. yikes this is why I don't trust resale bags ughhh
  3. I don't think having receipts is enough proof of authenticity... shady sellers may have a legit receipt, but provide a fake bag. So, you just have to be very careful with ebay auctions.

    I have won an authentic bag on ebay, and the auction didn't include a receipt... I didn't care for it, because the bag was authentic and the seller provided clear pics of the bag (was also nice and responsive to all my questions prior to auction's end)... so I think having any receipt at all doesn't really mean anything.
  4. I would stay far away from iOffer. You can actually buy templates that make eLuxury receipts and the like. And yes, receipts can be forged without problem these days. I would also stay away from that seller - no pics, no deal. Your best bet is to buy from a recommended seller IMO.
  5. Hmmm..I haven't seen any Las Vegar receipt..

    If you have authenticity concern about the auction you are interested in, you can post it in Authentication thread. Fake perfo speedy is pretty easy to spot. I spoted couple of them already from people posting in here.
  6. Agree:yes: . To determine authenticity ONLY look at the bag itself and feedbacks of the seller. No reply or no pics= no buy.
  7. you have seen fakes from people in PF or of Celebs carrying fakes?
  8. I agree :yes:
  9. ive seen CD-Roms of fake Eluxury receipts where you can type up the item and price yourself and print it out! This is on one of thise iOffer type websites.

    If they can fake a bag, design, dye and stitch it---they can easily make a paper copy of a receipt

  10. That's what I was wondering. I always look at the bag, the feedback, and if they're MPRS/ALVA/etc, before I purchase an item. I was just curious about the receipts.
  11. Receipts never guarantee authenticity. It takes much more than that.
  12. they sell fake receipts as well though.. i hate those people who make vacation as their excuses of not sending more pics.

    i came accross this cerises speedy auction and it clearly stated on the auction 'feel free to ask for more pics' then i send her a message and saying that i would love close up pics of the cerises please.. and she just mentioned the same thing that she's on holiday and wont be able to take more pics and that she guaranteed with 3x money guarantee back regarding authenticity. :yucky: :yucky:

    :sweatdrop: sorry im going a little too far with my rant

  13. I know, I am a huge sceptic, so I don't fall for the receipt scam, nor do I go looking on iOffer for LV bags to purchase. I look on iOffer to see what bags are being faked and how, that way, when I come across auctions such as the perfo Speedy that I described in my original post, I am aware.
  14. ^^ I think that's actually not a bad idea, I do like looking at fakes and comparing them to real bags so I can learn more about real v. fake ! :yes:

  15. I thought I was the only one! :lol: