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  1. It is not a site I would buy from :yes:

    Saks would be a better bet on this one. Welcome to the forum- we hope you stay, everyone is very close and we get a little edgy trying to protect our members- but we all mean well!! :flowers:

  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Thank you both for your kind words. I'm sorry that I am not as saavy as most of you when it comes to distinguishing authentencity in the fashion arena. I just want to purchase a genuine LV bag (pursue) for my GF, that's why I came here hoping that I'd find guidance...and I'm glad that I did. :yes:

    *************HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU!!******************
  3. Socialite: Please don't apologize for me. Boy, if I "disgusted" you, maybe you need to chill a little bit. ;)

    Rudysky: I sincerely do apologize if you were merely asking our opinions on this scam of a store. The way you worded your post it just sounded a little contrived. Please don't purchase new LV anywhere online except for or from a trusted individual seller. We don't want to see you get taken advantage of from websites like the one you mentioned. Many people have lost a lot of money to these scam artists. Welcome to our forum and hope to see you back!
  4. Did I mention your name ?...No. As I see even the Mods saw that members were too quick to judge. You obviously know that you were the one who had done wrong. you need to chill out, You called someone a Troll just for posting a website and asking if it sold authentic goods. Now you see that you were harsh to judge you have appologised. Just think about what your gunna say before you post it in future. Your second post was alot better than you 1st post to Rudysky. anyway happy holidays ! :HUGS:
  5. :confused1: My goodness. No need to be so hateful to me. Didn't I apologize to the offended party? I don't want to be around so many bad vibes, so why don't we call a truce over this and get on with our lives?:balloon:
  6. Im sorry if I came across hateful, afterall it is the holidays. Merry Christmas :hugs:...lets be friends. im sorry for attacking you :flowers:
  7. I'm sorry, too. Merry Christmas to you, too. :kiss:
  8. LOL Im glad we are friends now, I hate to argue :nuts: :flowers: :amuse: :drinkup:
  9. Ditto :yes: